Dozen Assorted WGHNs

Dozen Assorted WGHNs
Bikini Style made out of craft fabrics

Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010 - Wine Glass Holder Necklaces New for November & December 2010

Wine Glasses for display purposes only

Winter Set of 4

New Set of 6

Solo: Christmas Views 1 & 2

Solo: Sports Views 1 & 2

Solo: Red Hat
Solo: Grapes with Large Leaves

New Set: Purple Grapes

New Set: Grapes with smaller leaves

New Set:  Red & Purple Grapes on Cream Background

New Set: Golden Grapes

New Set: Coral Grapes

Winter  Set: Polar Bears/Snow Flakes

Winter Set: Pine Cones & Pine Needles

Winter Set: Small Red & White Squares

Winter Set: Snow Flakes on Red & Green Squares

This was a special order that I did up in November.
 4 of each black and white fabric design on the WGHNs.

Pink Dogwood WGHNs 
This was another special order that I did up.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 - The latest designs that can be ordered.

They can be ordered through eBay, Etsy and Artfire, with "Oceanpeg" as the seller of same.  They were First Place Winners in a 2010 National Sewing Contest

A dozen Assorted Wine Glass Necklace olders 

6 Assorted Wine Glass Necklace Holders.
# 6-1

4 Assorted Wine Glass Necklace Holders.
# 4-2

# 4-1

# 4-3
# 4-4
# 4-5